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Rodeo is your creator toolkit to land your dream brands. Get brands pitched for you, build your media kit, and find the latest trends. All in one place.

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Take your creator journey to the next level, no matter how many followers you have.

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We've run campaigns for brands before

Now, we're using those same learnings and building for creators first.

Beauty, Skincare, Fashion, Travel... you pick the niche. We'll find the brands.

We've built a network of brands that are looking to work with creators like you. With the mix of automation, AI, & human-touch, we'll manage all the not-so-fun stuff that comes with being a content creator. That way you can get back to what you do best, create content and engage your community.

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Thousands of creators use Rodeo everyday to level up.

Colin Madden


Just landed 3 more deals with in-store clients. Mostly snack/food companies... This is all through the new #UGC tool I am using. Paying the bills, and also stocking my pantry! Life is good



Really thankful for @RodeoUgc and @fenbernandez for making me feel like I accomplished something today when I was feeling like I wasn't going to!!



One of my favorite features about Rodeo is that every Sunday & Monday you get a copy of the AI generated pitch along with the email address for main POC!



i loveee rodeo honestly, the team theyre super nice and the email pitches are super compatible with what i do. It's my holy grail



🀭 So far, I've gotten 4 responses through Rodeo without doing anything!! How is that even real!! Now, my partnerships manager and I can focus on creating content proposals for these brands that responded



β€’ Design -> Canva
β€’ Link-In Bio-> Beacons
β€’ Cold Emailing -> Rodeo
β€’ Organising-> Notion
β€’ Freelancing -> Fiverr/Upwork
β€’ Video editing -> Capcut
What other tools do you recommend for a UGC Creator?



I love them!! They reached out to me this week and I've already got the pitches out BY THEM to the 10 brands I chose this week 😍

Sabrina M


I'm able to do outreach to 50+ brands a WEEK & actually land collaborations in a time span of less than 10 minutes... because I'm personally not pitching to them at all. πŸ˜‰πŸ§΅β€΅οΈ



πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯THIS IS WHY I PREACH RODEO!! 🀠 Saved 4 hours & 48min pitching to brands! Consistently is KEY πŸ” when it comes to pitching to brands as a UGC creator. @rodeomoney_ gives consistently & quality.



This whole creator platform thing is so new to me! I love the concept of Rodeo.



I literally just signed up yesterday! And they already pitched 10 brands for me. It's incredibly personalized. This is really time that we can use to do other things and I LOVE IT. πŸ₯ΉπŸ«ΆπŸ½



The one thing I've always struggled with is pitching. I could never craft the perfect pitch and always found it hard to find enough time to or be consistent. So I definitely love Rodeo!



I signed up for Rodeo's automated pitch tool last week and they scored me a collaboration with a huge pasta brand!! I'm so excited 😍 Y'all should definitely take advantage, they have a 7 day free trial! πŸ‘‡πŸ»



Actually Rodeo cold emails for you with customized pitches. I personally have had the most luck using Rodeo due to the fact that I can follow up with the brand in an automated fashion



TBH, rodeo is my holy grail of ugc. I stumbled across them out of nowhere and they became my favorite team to work with. You get to choose the brands you wanna work with and rodeo does the job for you. Professional email pitching and so many more. Give them a try you'll love em

Colin Madden


Another amazing goodie box using my new #UGC tool, to automate brand pitches. I need some extra pantry space, this new tool is working too well πŸ˜…



From the brands pitched through Rodeo - I have received a gifted collab from Cirkul (finalized this am). I was invited to join their influencer program and now they are sending products in exchange for 1 organic use video.



So far Rodeo has been insightful that I do not have to email people myself.



I love using Rodeo to help me think of brands to pitch to as a ugc creator



I've decided to join Rodeo because pitching is scary and time consuming. Having it done for me frees me up for creating content and trying to figure out how to grow my following.

Paris Cosmetics UGC


Why didn't I know about Rodeo Pro any sooner! They've pitched to 25-50 brands this week for me. My emails going crazy with responses! #UGC #ugccommunity

Ellie Rolls


Just send a lot of pitches to brands using withrodeo this is perfect for someone with a short attention span like me

Paris Cosmetics UGC


If you're struggling to juggle UGC & 9-5, or even being a mom hire a VA. I personally use rodeo and it's pitched over 100 brands and I've had to do nothing but choose the brands. #UGC #ugccommunity #UGCcreator



Rodeo is your AI pitching buddy. Select brands you want to work with, select contact emails you want to send your pitch to, and your emails are sent!

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